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Disfigurement is a globally neglected human rights issue. It’s also an issue that many people don’t feel equipped to talk about, which makes growth towards inclusion difficult.

That’s why  this International Face Equality Week, we’re focusing on the need for greater public education and raising awareness for the need for face equality. Now is the time to come together and change society to better protect people with facial differences from harm and from discrimination. 

Societal barriers such as inequitable access to work or education for someone with a facial difference are largely due to a lack of public understanding, along with limiting societal attitudes, and pervasive stigma. Not least, the prevalence of abuse both on and offline, and the constant dehumanisation via harmful stereotypes across the public eye.

So, join us as we further the worldwide movement for change. We ask you to recognise that we are all educators and we all have the power to prevent the marginalisation of people with facial disfigurements. 

Let’s build a global movement that finally puts facial difference at the forefront of public consciousness. A movement that enables people to live a life free from prejudice, and commands respect for facial difference. Let’s make face equality a reality. Sign today!

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      The mission of Face Equality International (FEI) is to mobilise the many groups and organisations, big and small, national and international, which support and represent people with facial differences and disfigurements and thereby to create the critical mass and solidarity needed to gain global attention for the campaign for face equality.

      About FEI

      A special thank you to Positive Exposure

      We had the pleasure of meeting Rick Guidotti, Founder of Positive Exposure recently via a panel discussion run by the Moebius Syndrome Foundation. Our visions and missions were clearly aligned, with both of our organisations being committed to the ‘positive exposure’ of people with facial differences around the world. Positive Exposure promotes a more inclusive world […]

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      Why is Halloween difficult for the facial difference community?

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      Support & Advice on Discrimination

      If you are seeking support, or advice on reporting cases of discrimination or injustice then here are some links to information and services: Many of our members can offer condition-specific support, they can all be found here.   Europe Victim Support Europe Equality Bodies – Equinet USA Victim Support USA USA Disability Rights UK  Victim […]

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      FEI is looking for a new Treasurer

      This is an exciting time for this young, international charity, as the global movement for face equality continues to gather recognition and momentum. The charity is currently registered in Guernsey and in the process of moving over to the UK. The existing Treasurer will hand over duties once we are based in the UK. We are looking for someone who can play a key role in the financial and strategic development of FEI. 

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