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Chelsey Peat – My Decision Not to Hide

I was born with Sturge-Weber Syndrome, with a large port-wine stain birthmark covering the left side of my head and neck. Lots of extra blood vessels resulted in glaucoma and visible differences in my left eye.

Growing up was a struggle, especially in a small town. My nickname from the bullies was “Two Face.” I tried all the usual treatments but numbing creams made no difference, laser treatments were too painful, and thick makeup did nothing for my self esteem or my social acceptance. After moving to a small city I began undergoing laser treatments at a hospital that would do them with anaesthetic.

By age 21, I began to question what I was doing. Why did I need to go through the pain, the anaesthetic issues and the aftercare? Why go through all this to make “normal” people like me and accept me? Why hide behind a mask of makeup? My boyfriend (now husband) adored me for me.

I know how I look has impacted my ability to get jobs, to find a close friend, to be accepted socially. But I decided that it was no longer time to hide.

People are naturally curious about my condition, and I welcome the chance to answer their questions.  I just ask to be treated with respect, like anyone else.

Recently I’ve begun to connect with other adults with facial differences through Instagram and other social media and it’s incredible hearing their stories and knowing I’m part of a wider community. Now I say that my birthmark was really my first tattoo that fate designed for me. It’s unique – just like a fingerprint.

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A special thank you to Positive Exposure

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Support & Advice on Discrimination

If you are seeking support, or advice on reporting cases of discrimination or injustice then here are some links to information and services: Many of our members can offer condition-specific support, they can all be found here.   Europe Victim Support Europe Equality Bodies – Equinet USA Victim Support USA USA Disability Rights UK  Victim […]

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FEI is looking for a new Treasurer

This is an exciting time for this young, international charity, as the global movement for face equality continues to gather recognition and momentum. The charity is currently registered in Guernsey and in the process of moving over to the UK. The existing Treasurer will hand over duties once we are based in the UK. We are looking for someone who can play a key role in the financial and strategic development of FEI. 

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