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James Partridge was eighteen years old in 1977 when his face and body were severely burned in a car accident. Refusing to succumb to society’s expectations, James chose not to hide in the shadows, but to succeed despite his distinctive face and live a happy and hugely successful life, both personally and professionally.

Face It tells the story of James’s recovery and the work he has done ever since to support others with physical differences to cope with the isolation and discrimination they so often face. It is also a manifesto for change: for how others who look different can take control of their destinies, and how the world can accept, respect and value people with facial differences without resorting to stereotypes and stigma, despite the psychological, cultural and social barriers that so often stand in the way.

James’s infectious positivity in the face of adversity cannot fail to inspire. In a world where looking perfect is seen as the key to success and happiness, this is a joyous, celebratory book that looks prejudice in the eye and refuses to blink.

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How to get your State to Recognise Facial Difference

Logan Zelenak is a face equality activist based in Michigan. Their recent efforts have seen them connect with their local Senator, resulting in a vote to mark face equality day in the state. Logan documents their journey and shares their personal thoughts and experiences of the process.

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Face Equality Reading List

A selection of books and reading material from authors with lived experience, or who have a loved one with a facial or visible difference.

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Never to be Hidden Again

When I didn’t want to deal with pointed fingers or questioning looks while out in public, I could just let down my shield of long hair to cover as much of it as I needed. Now that’s not an option.

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