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Changing Faces. The Challenge of facial disfigurement




Changing Faces has helped many thousands of people come to terms with a distinctive appearance or a facial disfigurement. Whilst it is especially relevant to people who have a disfigurement after an accident or major surgery, its emphasis on confidence-building also makes it invaluable reading for anyone who feels they have an unusual appearance.

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How to get your State to Recognise Facial Difference

Logan Zelenak is a face equality activist based in Michigan. Their recent efforts have seen them connect with their local Senator, resulting in a vote to mark face equality day in the state. Logan documents their journey and shares their personal thoughts and experiences of the process.

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Face Equality Reading List

A selection of books and reading material from authors with lived experience, or who have a loved one with a facial or visible difference.

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Never to be Hidden Again

When I didn’t want to deal with pointed fingers or questioning looks while out in public, I could just let down my shield of long hair to cover as much of it as I needed. Now that’s not an option.

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