A clear plan of action for
immediate and long-term change

What will Face Equality International do?

Face Equality International will:

  • facilitate charities working together to tackle the injustices experienced by people with facial differences — whether at work, in schools or the media, or in culture and lifestyle
  • promote all positive portrayals of people with facial differences — in business, culture, film, fashion and life at large
  • enable the sharing of best practice and be an incubator (capacity-builder) for NGOs to campaign for face equality in their own settings
  • be a learning exchange and set global standards on how to challenge disfigurement discrimination (eg: at work) and promote face equality (eg: in schools)
  • co-ordinate an International Face Equality Day in May each year.

The alliance will make common cause with organisations and alliances representing other equality issues and diversity strands.

Our immediate priorities

Face Equality International’s first actions will be:

  • to establish the initial membership and reach out to other NGOs and groups
  • to develop a members-only website that gathers best practice in the campaign to date
  • to arrange the first annual Forum in London in March 2019.
  • to agree the major international issues on which to campaign
  • to nurture members’ own efforts to campaign for face equality in their countries
  • to plan an International Face Equality Week in May 2019.
Our long-term commitments

The plan is for Face Equality International will gradually expand:

  • to support and inspire existing and new members in tailored ways to promote face equality and challenge disfigurement discrimination in their own countries and settings
  • to provide a knowledge-sharing platform gathering ideas, resources and best practice about face equality in many fields (eg: education, health care, business, media and law)
  • to identify examples of facial prejudice and disfigurement discrimination and take action to eliminate them wherever they occur (eg: by lobbying agencies and companies)
  • to spur the collection and spread of evidence about what people with disfigurement in different countries confront in their lives and what enables their life chances
  • to represent its members on global bodies engaged with the UN’s Convention of the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • to promote annual International Face Equality Weeks in May building on the lessons learned from the Days in the UK and Taiwan.
Photograph courtesy of Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors