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Blog February 13, 2021
Dating with a difference and the role of dating platforms

Zoe Cross “People with a disability should use a specialist dating site for the disabled. Achieving positive date matching outcomes for people with a visible disability can be challenging.” This essentially was the message a female would-be customer of a dating portal received recently. The woman involved is a BBC journalist and a wheelchair user

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Never to be Hidden Again

When I didn’t want to deal with pointed fingers or questioning looks while out in public, I could just let down my shield of long hair to cover as much of it as I needed. Now that’s not an option.

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Hidden From View: Women With Facial Differences in the Media

To advance equality, we must stop fearing our differences, recognize our conscious and unconscious biases, and shift our focus to our unique strengths and talents. End the worn-out tropes and stereotypes and normalize disfigurement.

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Advertising Excludes Women With Faces Like Mine

Casting people with facial disfigurement as confident and capable would help to change negative attitudes and false misconceptions. Continuing to ignore, exclude, or misrepresent us perpetuates the stigma, prejudice, and discrimination.

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Why I Will Not Hide

I was reminded that one person can make a difference. I was reminded that I was that person; that I made a difference. That the start of my advocacy work started with a spark of anger.

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Carly Findlay at ‘Being Seen on Screen’

The way disabled people are shown on screen – often as the villain or having a tragic life –  shapes how people see us. I strongly believe this is why children have been scared of me. And so we need disabled people – not just on screen but in writers rooms, overseeing auditions, behind the camera and on awards panels.   

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