Face Equality International announces new leadership

Following the tragic death of Face Equality International’s Founder and Director, James Partridge, the Board of Trustees have taken into consideration the views of the Council and other advisers to the alliance, and have appointed Gareth Davies as interim Chief Executive Officer. 

Gareth Davies, Executive Director of the European Cleft Organisation (ECO) and Council member of Face Equality International will fulfill the role of interim CEO for the rest of the year, bringing with him a wealth of expertise having headed up multiple international organisations and NGOs working in cleft care. The interim role will ensure that momentum is kept, by maintaining the current strategic priorities for Face Equality International. 

After this interim period, Phyllida Swift, who has led on communications and campaigns for FEI for the past 18 months, will step into the leadership role. She worked closely with James Partridge up until he passed away and is passionately devoted to the mission.

Face Equality International’s 38 member NGOs have been hugely supportive of this decision, and all are unanimously committed to ensuring the continued success of the movement, with a unified mission to serve people with facial differences across the world.