If you share our vision of a world where everyone is treated fairly whatever their face looks like, we need you to join us.

If your organisation shares our vision, or would like to find out more, we would love you to hear from you.

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FEI seeks NGOs, charities and support groups as members which are working to improve the lives of people with disfigurements by providing direct support to and/or directly advocating for them. These could be people whose faces look unusual from a birth condition, from accident, violence or warfare, from cancer and its treatments, from skin conditions like psoriasis, vitiligo and acne, from facial paralysis like Bell’s palsy and stroke, or eye/sight problems.

Membership will be by invitation after an application has been completed and approved by the Council.

Members commit to working together towards Face Equality International’s purpose, values and goals and will agree to do so in a spirit of mutual collaboration and trust and using all peaceful, democratic and legal means at their disposal.

You can download an application form by clicking the link below. Please send it to info@faceequalityinternational.org. And you can also send us an initial message using the form at the bottom of the page — Thank You.

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All data handled in line with our Privacy Policy.
Photograph courtesy of Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors