Face Equality in the Czech Republic

July 12, 2019Uncategorized

A look back on Face Equality week in the Czech Republic What does Be TCS do?  We support everyone with a visible difference. We want to start talking about this problem aloud in order to increase the confidence in every person who looks different. So that they can live without limits and never have to … Read More

Face Equality and Unconscious Bias

June 26, 2019Uncategorized

Sophie Arkette Occasionally I am confronted with the question, what is it like to have a facial disfigurement? Short of the standard retort: no idea, I’ve never known anything else, I pause momentarily and begin by pointing out a few obstacles – 3rd party attitudes – that make social engagements, interactions in general, an exercise … Read More

Face Equality at Cannes Film Festival

June 18, 2019Uncategorized

Jennifer Wallace Director of ‘Who Do We Have Here’ As I ascended the iconic red carpet stairs at the Cannes film festival a few weeks ago, I had a thought. “Has anyone who looked like me ever walked this famed pathway before?” In all candour, I didn’t get to walk the entire red carpet. Rather … Read More

A Thank You from Our Founder

May 27, 2019Uncategorized

The first Week of many… People with unusual-looking faces have been all over the media and social media in the last week! Whether on, Turkish, Canadian or Taiwan TV or Channel 5 or BBC World TV or in local media (as in Grand Rapids, Missouri), it has been so refreshing to see their faces and … Read More

Face Equality in Taiwan

May 20, 2019Uncategorized

Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation   1.What does your NGO do to support people with disfigurements? Since 1981, the mission of Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation has been to provide comprehensive services for burn survivors and people with facial disfigurements in order to assist them in their physical, psychological and social rehabilitation, but also to uphold their … Read More

Face Equality at the Phoenix Society – USA

May 17, 2019Uncategorized

The Phoenix Society – Michigan, USA   Face Equality at Phoenix Society Phoenix Society hasn’t always called it Face Equality, but we’ve been advocating for acceptance and respect for decades. With statements like “Beyond My Scars,” “Burns are Beautiful,” and “You are Greater Than,” we’ve been reminding each other – and the world – that our … Read More

Nerve Tumours UK & FEI Week

May 16, 2019Uncategorized

Nerve Tumours UK    1.What does your NGO do to support people with disfigurements? Nerve Tumours UK provides support and information, as well as raises awareness for over 26,500 people in the UK who have Neurofibromatosis (NF1 and NF2) and Schwannomatosis. We’re here to improve lives for people with nerve tumours, while working towards the … Read More

Face Equality in Turkey

May 14, 2019Uncategorized

Yuzumle Mutluyum Dernegi – Happy Faces Association    1.What does your NGO do to support people with disfigurements? We provide free support, information and psychological services to individuals with visible facial differences. We offer free psychological support to our families with our volunteer psychologist team. We help individuals to deal with undesired behaviours, to gain … Read More