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Blog February 13, 2021
Dating with a difference and the role of dating platforms

Zoe Cross “People with a disability should use a specialist dating site for the disabled. Achieving positive date matching outcomes for people with a visible disability can be challenging.” This essentially was the message a female would-be customer of a dating portal received recently. The woman involved is a BBC journalist and a wheelchair user

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Archive for December, 2020

3 Models Underlying Assumptions About Disability

Backlash from disabled people about “The Witches” reveals harmful stereotypes. Kathleen R. Bogart Ph.D. Think about your underlying assumptions about disability. What causes disability? What are the sources of and solutions to disability-related challenges? Experts categorize ways of thinking about disability into three general models: moral, medical, or social (Olkin & Pledger, 2003). Our beliefs about disability are reflected […]

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